Tenement Basement Dampness / Water Ingress, Shawlands

Tenement Basement Dampness / Water Ingress, Shawlands

    This client was experiencing serious dampness and water ingress in her tenement basement due to damaged drainage.

    Pointing to Basement wall

    The Problem

    Insufficient existing fireclay pipes were leaking. This had caused substantial damaged to the sub structure of the building allowing water to penetrate the sandstone.

    The Solution

    The first thing we did was excavated the existing drainage system and uncovered the source of the problem.

    After locating the damaged pipe, remove and replace allowed the existing sandstone building to dry out the proceed with tanking and lining. Internally remove all the existing lathe and plaster and replace with new gyproc.

    A Summary of Tasks Carried Out by HCS Tidybuild

    • Excavate and locate the source of water ingress
    • Carry out repairs to existing building and drainage
    • Prime wall and apply a tanking membrane
    • Backfill area with a granular free draining material

    Photo Journal of Drainage Repair

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