House Extension & Attic Conversion, Clarkston

Clarkston Semi-Detached Bungalow Extension

2013-05-07 11.16.44

A perfect example of a kitchen extension and attic conversion on a 2 bedroom semi-detached bungalow. Despite being considered a family home the original kitchens are extremely compact so extending out into the back garden is common throughout these neighbourhoods.


The owners are also taking the opportunity to convert the attic into a bedroom and en-suite, allowing for a brand new staircase to be installed. At present the attic is a usable space but with access only by a ladder.

Flat-Roofed Kitchen Extension

2013-05-07 11.13.21The new rear extension will house a larger kitchen and sunroom, extended into the back garden with new raised foundations to meet the heightened floor level of the house. Concrete steps will then lead down into the garden.

Bungalow Attic Conversion & Staircase Installation

2013-05-07 11.12.18Already a usable space with existing dormer windows, the attic will now be fully converted into a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Crucially, a staircase will be installed instead of ladder access. This process has been made easier since the kitchen is being remodelled anyway.



The attic has also been extended slightly with the ground floor allowing for a large new window to be installed letting lots more light into the room.

Sealed Vessel Central Heating System Installation

2013-05-07 11.12.59A new sealed vessel boiler in the attic will supply regulated pressure throughout the house.

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