Pollokshields Mansion Renovation First Fix Electrics

Victorian Mansion House Renovation, Glasgow

This house is a classic example of a Victorian Sandstone Mansion House in Pollokshields in Glasgow’s South Side. The plan is to modernise the house whilst retaining the original character features including ornate coving, sash and case windows and ceramic tile flooring.


First Fix Electrics with Home Media Network Installation

victorian-house-renovation-rewireThis comprehensive renovation includes a complete electrical rewire throughout the house.

A high-tech Home Media Network System is being simultaneously installed, with a hub in every room to enable wireless access to the family’s media collection.

A high-tech wireless home media network system connected in every room is definitely one piece of modern technology expected to stand the test of time and is already becoming popular in modern households.

Home media networks can have a physical hub such as an iPad or Tablet, usually fitted into the wall, or remotely controlled by using a phone application (app). By connecting wirelessly to other devices in the house, home media networks can be used to control everything from security and lighting, to what music you can hear in every room!

An added feature is enjoying less unsightly wires everywhere!




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